Our Modelz


I'm Phoenix, I am 5 years old and I love being outside exploring the world. My favourite things to do are drawing with my daddy, moshing to mummy and daddy's loud music (my favourite band is The Interrupters). I also love unicorns, pokemon and being crazy!


I'm Austin, I am 4 years old, I love building Lego, Marvel Superheroes and jumping in muddy puddles. 


I'm Sully, I am 2 years old, I love Michael Jordan, Music and have a rush for adrenaline. I am always either dancing or watching basketball on the tv. 


I'm Nova, I am 4 years old and I love Bugs, I am forever in the garden or forest searching for them and I bring them in the house to scare mummy! I also love dinosaurs, snakes and pretty much anything related to animals. 


I'm Lincoln, I am 18 months old, I love books, dancing to Daddys rock band and going on forest walks looking for leaves and sticks. 

Our Brand Reps



I'm Harry, I am the mischievous member of the family, I am 5 years old and have a passion for all things music and dance. My favourites include Nirvana, ACDC, Greenday, Mumford & Sons and Bastille, I attended my first gig (Mumford & Sons) when I was 3.

I love musicals and watch 'The Greatest Showman' every single day! 

I am also a Gymnast and can't wait to get onto the more dangerous tricks. I can often be found dangling upside down from my bar or rings in my gym at home. 

I am loving, cheeky and have a big heart. 



I'm Cobey, I am 4 yrs old & love showing off my insta wardrobe. I am obsessed with Super Mario, I also love dinosaurs & marvel. My favourite foods are chicken nuggets and chocolate buttons. I love going to the park, feeding ducks and building forts out of sofa cushions & blankets, watch out though the floor is lava!! I am very excited to be repping for KZR & can’t wait to model more of their amazing makes!

Hey I'm Qwynn (Qwynny as I like to correct everyone to). I am 3 almost 4. 

I love all animals from cute to wiggly. I love finding worms and putting them in my worm hotel in my garden (it's a huge plant pot). 

5 facts;

I'm a little sister to two boys.

Pink is my favourite colour.

I love Wednesday Addams.

I love numbers. 

I'm going to be a vet when I'm older.